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  1. Shaktilar
    Shaktilar2 years ago

    U nasty lol i like 2 c it skeet 2 muahhh nice videos

  2. Nitaxe2 years ago

    no shit.banger just lays there.BUT. if it hadda been me, I woulda made sure I jus had 5 nuts prior.you know.jus so I can display off my stamina, throw the ole ho-hum budge on er, make 'er think she ain't all that.jus sayin.

  3. Sharamar2 years ago

    Hahaha.I did realize but didn't intend to rhyme.

  4. Mujar2 years ago

    It's Socialism exemplified. . .it came to mind first because it's my usual argument against people who use the word like it's some kind of agenda. The military is the Government doing something that individuals really can't just do on their own. It's just a physical safety net instead of a social safety net.

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